I had enough of my weight going back and forth. It got stuck in 68.5 and up to 71 and then again 67kg. In the beginning, I weighed 62-63kg for years, so I needed to get my act straight and a new lifestyle. No more skipping meals or therefore snacks throughout the day. No more sugar or fast carb bread.
I got excited of keto diet recommended by friends. Kylie had lost 13 kg last year just in 3 months and kept her weight. I thought that it was time.
I am not either athletic or a sporty person. I hate gym and jogging if they are forced in my daily schedule. I want to jog if I feel like it but usually, I don’t feel like it. I don’t want to go too much trouble about anything. We live 35km from town, so I am definitely not going after a workday to drive 70km to gym and back.
I am lazy and I like being comfortable. As a mom, I get exercise enough wit Penny running around and I am going after her, in my opinion. I like easy and stress-free life, but I also want to fit in my jeans size 27/34, so small.
Not a long time ago, I emptied out my pantries from all good. Bread and fruit, candies, cookies and snacks became replaced with cold cuts, cheese and green salads.
I got a terrible flu in the beginning for 3 weeks aka keto flu. My sister is also on keto diet and she is the smart one of us and she studies analytically things. I am the on who calls and whines as usual and complain about different things and she the explains them to me.
Ketosis is a state where body doesn’t get carbohydrates from food. Body starts to produce ketone bodies to replace carbs and as far as I understand they eat your own body fat. Fat cells begin to wither, and body uses their energy for brain activity. I am not a guru in this information, so you can get your facts straight by Googleing it.

Any how! I took 10 days and I wasn’t that hungry. I graved bread so much and I replaced it with keto wraps which you can make yourself. I eat a lot, but not any sugar or carbs. No bread, pasta, potatoes, corn, fruit, rice, grain products or sugar of any kind.
I am on a half fast diet which means that I eat between 12-19 and in the morning at 7, my stomach is empty, and energy is produced from my own fat supply until mid-day.
It sounds easy and it is, if you read all product contents and notice just how much there are hidden sugars in f…ing everything. There are differences in ketchups; there is 55% sugar in one and 12% in another.
The difference in wraps and breads is huge.
It was really difficult to understand just how much your body craves for sugar.
Nice addition was when my father came from Finland to visit and brought me 8 bags of my favorite candy and rye bread.
Well, my weight went down from 70.1kg to 68.2kg after one week. And from there to 67 and to 66.6kg after around 3 weeks. It kept going down to 65kg which got me happily bouncing. However, I had slipped up couple of times, because those damned candies kept shouting my name in the pantry. I hid them from myself, I didn’t have a heart to throw them away.
Well, my sister said that it is not the end of the world if you slip up for one day. I trusted her. 
I adjusted the diet as I saw fit, I gained weight and I decided to get some help by ordering an official Keto diet program. I found a super smart and easy Keto49 -program from Fitfarm.


I had already got myself going in a few weeks of struggling, it was kinda nice to get diet directly handed to me and easy instructions e.g. for nutrition and portion sizes. Easy!
And that was it, I jumped on Keto wagon with more official and proper instructions. And results, lasting results began to emerge. Weight can bounce back and fort with Keto too, but not anymore.
I eat the candy also for now and then. I might have an easier keto day and eat a bit more of carbs than in another day.
Well, then week 5 started.
I feel energetic all day long. I don’t have cravings. I picked up some sticks to pee on from the drug store to measure ketone bodies from my urine and to discover that the diet is working.
I was a miracle but I got something dome. The keto stick was dark red, so I finally reached ketosis.
To honor that, I took a few panther candies. As I said before my mind is weak, so I am inefficient and lazy.
I am not an expert in this and what is best, my weight was 63.9kg in this morning!! Fucking ye!
I mean, I feel so super good. Instructions from Fitfarm taught me more about carb free diet and now life goes smoothly.
During this time, I have tried all my clothes. They are tight but I get them on if I don’t breathe.
Back to the closet then. They will fit.
Cellulite got out from my slack ass and it cheers me up also. I just turned 38 years, so it was nice to crap a ass belfie for my husband which can be displayed again after a long period of self-loathing and wobbling.
Do you think that Temptation Island is going on in the bedroom if the MRS only complaints about her fat.
As I said, completely inefficient bitch. Hahaha.
Well, now it is a joyful day!
My weight is only a couple of kg’s from what I wanted.
Life is joyful and I am finally content with myself. Clothes fit me JUST ABOUT and I miss nothing from my life.
A happy woman and a happy mother. It is also very important also in a relationship. Oh yeah, Törppö aka Stuart, forced to the same diet, got his weight from 100kg to 91kg in just 35 days. The journey continues with and best of all Temptation Island is live (this is not an add, it is just an amusing term to having sex).
I really recommend this to all people like me who want to get rid of kg’s rather easily, rather quickly and without unnecessary stress or even everyday exercise. Ok, I admit that it would be awesome if I had the energy, but I just don’t care about exercising.